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Provisioning wireless is an integrated operation therefore we aren’t exclusively a wireless provider




  • Non-stop wireless for Business, Education and High Density Residential
  • Wireless for Warehousing
  • Design, troubleshooting and wireless support services
  • Wireless Surveying


  • Design of LAN/WAN solutions
  • Managed networks
  • Layer 3 Networking ( Firewalls, routing and switching)

IT Services

  • Server & Desktop services
  • Inter-office WAN & Internet circuits for private or dedicated internet/office connections
  • Data Cabling and other services

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A company you can trust

ThinkWireless is a lean, intelligent company dedicated to their clients and passionate about great service. We will engage your company at any level and provide you with the expected level of transparency and trust.
ThinkWireless has been operating for over 7 years as a wireless solutions provider we only sell and support the best of breed enterprise grade wired and wireless products


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A small selection of our products are shown below.  If you are interested in something that isn’t listed please contact us, as we can most likely help you with your request.


Universal Horizontal Access Point Mounting Bracket

The ThinkWireless Universal Mounting bracket allows an Access Point to be mounted against a wall, whilst still orienting the Access point horizontally. More information and request a quote.

Aerohive AP250 WiFi Access Point

The Aerohive AP250 is designed for high density enterprise environments and features dual band 802.11N/AC radios in a 3 x 3 MU-MIMO configuration for fast reliable WiFi connectivity. More information and request a quote.

Ruckus R710 WiFi Access Point

The Ruckus R710 is one of Ruckus’s flagship Access Points, utilizing BeamFlex technology and delivering high-performance and reliable dual band 802.11N/AC wireless networking for high density venues, such as corporate environments.

More information and request a quote.

Temporary WiFi

Thinkwireless can provide temporary WiFi for events and conferences, from a basic network for an event office to complex networks covering large venues. More information and request a quote.

AirCheck™ Rental

AirCheck is a dedicated, handheld 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac* wireless network tester. It provides the ability to detect and locate 802.11ac APs and validate connectivity to 802.11ac infrastructure with a One-button AutoTest. More information and request a quote.

Juniper SRX320 Lease

The Juniper SRX320 Services Gateway consolidates security, routing, switching, and WAN interfaces for small distributed enterprises. With advanced threat mitigation capabilities, the services gateway provides cost-effective and secure connectivity across distributed enterprises. More information and request a quote.

Latest Blog Posts

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Aerohive Enters SD-WAN Market

Aerohive Enters SD-WAN Market

Businesses with multiple locations that are not large enough to justify the high cost of a dedicated WAN between sites often struggle to unify their IT  and share resources across all locations.   SD-WAN presents a lower cost alternative to a traditional WAN.  Organisations will benefit from being able to have […]

KRACK new wireless vulnerability attack update.

KRACK new wireless vulnerability attack update.

KRACK new wireless vulnerability attack update The vulnerabilities explained today and in recent days may have provided some alarm for administrators and the public. As with ALL software and hardware operating systems vulnerabilities will always be inherent so with the advent of ‘Krack’, its unreasonable to stop using wireless indefinitely. […]

The case for Enterprise grade wireless

The case for Enterprise grade wireless

Modern wireless mobility demands that any system needs to be robust, reliable and always on… Read in linkedin

MIST Artificial Intelligence, Personal WLAN and Virtual BLE

MIST Artificial Intelligence, Personal WLAN and Virtual BLE

Brent Sergent -TW Tech Manager Mist systems rolls out an AI-enhanced Wi-Fi ‘Artificial intelligence’ performance engine. Machine learned statistics are fed back to the system which improves or highlights issues with performance. ‘Machine learning’ and AI introduced to the wireless arena is an inevitable trend and the ‘logical next step’ […]


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