Aerohive Enters SD-WAN Market

Businesses with multiple locations that are not large enough to justify the high cost of a dedicated WAN between sites often struggle to unify their IT  and share resources across all locations.   SD-WAN presents a lower cost alternative to a traditional WAN.  Organisations will benefit from being able to have all sites on the same network and able to access company resources such as servers and VoIP phone systems while being able to manage the entire network from a central location.

Aerohive recently announced it would be releasing an SD-WAN offering in early 2018.  This will offer full integration with existing product lines and management via Aerohive’s Hive Manager cloud management platform.  Hive manager will therefore act as a single-pane-of-glass interface for all aspects of the network, covering WiFi, LAN, and WAN, reducing management time and costs.

ThinkWireless is a certified Aerohive Partner with extensive experience.  If you have any questions or think that an SD-WAN solution might be the answer to your problems please contact us, we’d love the opportunity to help you!