MIST Artificial Intelligence, Personal WLAN and Virtual BLE

Brent Sergent -TW Tech Manager

Mist systems rolls out an AI-enhanced Wi-Fi ‘Artificial intelligence’ performance engine.

Machine learned statistics are fed back to the system which improves or highlights issues with performance.

‘Machine learning’ and AI introduced to the wireless arena is an inevitable trend and the ‘logical next step’ for wireless.

Today with everyone possessing a smartphone and the availability of cloud services, big data analytics can be used for real time wireless performance.

At ThinkWireless we were impressed with the Mist system and the analytic engine’s ability to pin point issues.

Mist are a new wireless vendor in NZ and their other big story is the 16 antenna array virtual beacon functionality built into their AP’s. Virtual BLE built into the access point provides greater location accuracy than traditional wireless based LBS systems and does away with auxiliary beacon chips and tags.


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