Universal Horizontal Access Point Mounting Bracket

Universal Bracket


Price$35 + GST + Shipping


The ThinkWireless Universal Mounting bracket (registered design) allows an Access Point to be mounted against a wall, whilst still orienting the Access point horizontally in order to deliver the RF coverage that the Access Point designer intended.

The bracket can be swiftly and easily installed on a wall (six mounting holes are provided), and ethernet ports remain accessible so that the Access Point can be patched in later if required.

The design keeps all of the metalwork of the bracket above the Access Point to minimise the effect on the RF output from the Access Point.

This Bracket will work with all WiFi Access Points that are designed to be mounted on ceiling rails.  This includes the Ruckus R600, R610, the Aerohive AP120, AP121, AP230, AP250, AP330, and many others.

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